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Q. What is NDF?

A. NDF stands for National Defence Fund. The fund was setup in the year 1962 to take charge of voluntary donations in cash and kind received for promotion of the national defence effort, and to decide on their utilisation. The Fund is used for the welfare of the members of the Armed Forces (including Para Military Forces) and their dependents. The details about the fund, its administration, ways to contribute etc. have been provided at website

Q. What are the various modes of payment for online contribution ?

A. NDF accepts online contribution only through netbanking. At present, payments through Credit or Debit cards are not accepted.

Q. How do I know about the status of my payment online ?

A. After you make the payment at the netbanking interface of the concerned bank, the status of payment is shown at the following pages. In case the payment is successful, the same is displayed at status page as well as conveyed to the email address / mobile number given by you. In case you are still not able to know the status of your payment. You may click Payment History and find out the status of your transaction.

Q. Is there any transaction charge for online payment ?

A. There is no transaction charges levied by NDF for online payment. However some banks may levy the net bannking transaction charges, which may vary from bank to bank.

News Updated